The First Post

My name is Ashley and I am 23 years young and this is an open letter to all of us twenty somethings, we are thrown into this world and we are supposed to know how the world works but yet still get told everyday by our parents that we are still so young. How are we supposed to know how to date when all we’ve ever known is college keggers and walk of shames? Eating healthy is something we should all be taking part in but then theres pizza. Ultimately there is the thought that we should have our business, passions and lives all put together when most of us don’t even know how effectively make an omelette let alone have a 401K started. I think all of us need a little help sometimes and just a place to vent and seek advice, for that is why I am here! I am here to post about fashion, dating, lifestyles, money, and everything else us twenty-somethings are working to figure it out and I think we can, together ( at least we can hope)

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