The transfer from slapping the bag to adult wine night.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! We have all grown to know and love the good ole Franzia but as college has ended and the real world has begun we can’t bring our lucky bag with us anywhere without receiving the stink eye from that wanna be housewife across the room. Good news is we can still drink for cheap! In my local area many places have half price bottles on Wednesday’s I suggest just googling your area to find some good ones! My group of friends will try random ones and have found a few that have truly become favorites! This holiday season it’s a great way to get old friends together and be able to function the next day! Also, even though barefoot and yellowtail aren’t your expensive Caymous it’s good enough to enjoy a night with the girls or for you boys to get a solid buzz. Wine has become more of my friend because sadly it has less calories and I am convinced no one can be an angry wine drunk. Watch out for the hangovers, one glass too many of red will lead you in for a twelve hour hangover hand delivered from the devil himself. Personally, I stick with white but there are some great reds just be careful!

Drink responsibly, for yours and your coworkers sake.
Cheers 🍷

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