The Tinder Chronicles- Does it work?



Tinder as we all know is supposed to be used to meet new people and for hookups. I truly have never gone as far as being with someone from tinder but I feel like the scale for this raging app is very small. You either have raging horn dog to your most nosy neighbor. If there have been any success stories of this I would love to hear them because I have heard nothing but disasters unless it is the case in that you meet someone you used to know and rekindled that from matching.


Personally, as a girl I feel like 99 percent of us don’t like to be greeted with hey how are you will you touch my junk and most of the time that’s what I receive. To all you men out there, the more subtle you are about your sexual desires at first the more likely the girl will be open with you about hers because there isn’t pressure there so screaming from the mountain tops that you would like to go to third base in the back of your car first time speaking probably isn’t the best way to get her to do so. Speaking on these subjects is in my opinion definitely necessary as time goes on but in the beginning I think our generation is lacking that sense of mystery, as the old saying goes why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free? I think keeping some sort of desire and secrecy keeps situations and relationships fresh. Our generation is dying to find some form of romance and this is what we have come to. I think that a good ole date would suffice and if we can get that from tinder that would be awesome but I don’t think that’s where the future of this app will ever go. But I do think that the comical pick up lines may make the app worth it in itself. I have had questions from what is your favorite dinosaur to are you my appendix? I don’t understand how you work but this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out, and those are pure gold.


I think if anything we may be able to meet some awesome people from this creation but as for dating I think I may stick to the good ole texting and dating game, for now.

The transfer from slapping the bag to adult wine night.


Happy Wine Wednesday everyone! We have all grown to know and love the good ole Franzia but as college has ended and the real world has begun we can’t bring our lucky bag with us anywhere without receiving the stink eye from that wanna be housewife across the room. Good news is we can still drink for cheap! In my local area many places have half price bottles on Wednesday’s I suggest just googling your area to find some good ones! My group of friends will try random ones and have found a few that have truly become favorites! This holiday season it’s a great way to get old friends together and be able to function the next day! Also, even though barefoot and yellowtail aren’t your expensive Caymous it’s good enough to enjoy a night with the girls or for you boys to get a solid buzz. Wine has become more of my friend because sadly it has less calories and I am convinced no one can be an angry wine drunk. Watch out for the hangovers, one glass too many of red will lead you in for a twelve hour hangover hand delivered from the devil himself. Personally, I stick with white but there are some great reds just be careful!

Drink responsibly, for yours and your coworkers sake.
Cheers 🍷

The First Post

My name is Ashley and I am 23 years young and this is an open letter to all of us twenty somethings, we are thrown into this world and we are supposed to know how the world works but yet still get told everyday by our parents that we are still so young. How are we supposed to know how to date when all we’ve ever known is college keggers and walk of shames? Eating healthy is something we should all be taking part in but then theres pizza. Ultimately there is the thought that we should have our business, passions and lives all put together when most of us don’t even know how effectively make an omelette let alone have a 401K started. I think all of us need a little help sometimes and just a place to vent and seek advice, for that is why I am here! I am here to post about fashion, dating, lifestyles, money, and everything else us twenty-somethings are working to figure it out and I think we can, together ( at least we can hope)