A Girl walks into a bar ..


In your 20’s you are supposed to simmer down after you’ve had a solid four years maybe even five of binge drinking and now that you’ve moved home you should go to the “adult” bars. Well, where I am from there is a mixture of adult bars and “younger” bars all around the same areas. I personally think that the stigma of what you are supposed to do after college has changed, considering we are all supposed to have five years of experience when we have been in school for four, so most of us have the glorified assistant positions and need more alcohol than we ever did as college students because we are now dealing with Godzilla, the boss. Phew! But it’s the truth, I think the bar scene is more difficult to decipher when the right time to slow down is as it’s ever been. Everything is fine in proportion in my opinion and everyone needs a night on the town even when you’re 40 but it all depends on the person. It’s completely normal to get real job money and want to go blow it on Vegas bombs with your friends, in moderation. As I am getting older I am realizing that more than likely you aren’t going there to meet a guy or a girl you are probably going with your friends to a bar to just get a different vibe and change of scenery than each other houses for once, (even though we save money that way). Or maybe even a night on the town with your girl or guy friends that make it seem like something different to do, I am guilty of these FYI. Then there are the group of people who want to try all the swanky and cool bars in their towns, which ok awesome but not so cool when a drink is $20 bucks and as we’ve stated are still probably living pay check to pay check. One time a couple friends and I tried the cool bar downtown which is in the same area as the “younger” bars, surprise surprise. Anyways we get there and the music is awesome but to be quite honest it was jammed packed with people in their 20’s wearing too much cologne and buying drinks they couldn’t afford. We finally make our way towards the back table in the corner and two of us got our overly priced drinks on the way in and it took our two other friends 20 minutes to get just one. The drinks were good, but it’s hard to mess up a vodka tonic. We sat there for awhile and realized it was just us talking we weren’t really reaching out to anyone else who was around us. By the end of the night we ended up at the bar with tons of tv’s and half the price, dancing the night away. There are bars that I think start becoming off limits as we get older because our end goal isn’t to get blacked out because we truly can’t handle those anymore unless someone is bringing an IV to my house in the morning alongside of chocolate chip pancakes. I think as long as you are in good company it truly doesn’t matter where you go, and if people want to judge you let them because at the end of the day alcohol doesn’t discriminate. But with the stresses of getting older with new jobs, new friends and new lives its perfectly normal to still go out. When things start becoming blacking out at the end of the weekend every weekend and feel a lot like college game days round 2, then maybe start asking yourself the questions of what am I doing. Until then, do as your grandparents have told you and live while you’re young all in good moderation and with good company.