Springing back into Drinking Season



As we all know with the weather getting nicer the beer just gets colder. Although we are getting older, we aren’t dead and day drinking is a sport. I know for me day drinking is my biggest enemy and my hardest marathon. There are a couple rules I have come to live by whether it is St.Patricks Day or that first spring concert these are my go to tips.


For Carbohydrates Sake


Eat the carbs. As much as you work hard all week to eat healthy and keep your bikini bod in tact try your best to eat some carbs before a long day of binge drinking. If I have something coming up and I am still trying to keep my diet going a burrito bowl or avocado toast are my go to’s.


Stay Hydrated


It is the one thing that is closest to your mom telling you, you need to put on a coat. It is so cliché and annoying but really, drink water. The day of your binge drinking or the night before try to at least down a liter of water and while you are drinking during the day have one of your friends remind you to drink water in between every few drinks and I promise it’ll make all the difference in the world.


Heel, No


The best decision I’ve made since I turned 21 was on day drinking festivities d o n o t w e a r h e e l s. If it is a family event like a birthday party, by all means wear your cutest new wedges from Nordstrom but otherwise if you are really day drinking how are you supposed to play dizzy bat with those things on? There could be lots of spillage coming your way and the last thing you need is to be worried about tripping on your own feet.



Save Yourself


The next day is what we are all fearing in circumstances such as these. In times, I have thanked myself the most is when I decided to prepare. Get yourself some good food for the next day, have the Aleve and Gatorade ready next to your bed just to prepare your body for the next day. **Life Hack- Coconut water will take away a hangover within 45 minutes I HIGHLY recommend.


The Essentials


Lastly, remember to have fun and to make memories. Remember your phone charger, cameras and tough cases so you are prepared. Since there will be so much drinking going on, add your friends on friends on your Iphone (if you have one) just in case someone gets lost. A safe pouch for your ID and Credit Cards is also a spill proof idea that you wont regret.


The most important thing is to have fun and be safe! Happy Spring Everyone