Be Someone’s Hero

Today I am making a post regarding something a little more difficult and not so happy. As we get older we get to have the times of our lives but also have to start dealing with the difficult parts of it as well. Over the past year our community has dealt with a lot of death and no matter what the age I have realized it is never going to get easier.

The amount of suicides that I have personally seen I feel as if it just increases every second. Its such a scary thought that someone with so much life to live can have it taken from them at any moment. I have family and have personally dealt with anxiety since I can remember and I know how difficult it can be to be your own worst enemy. In our society today it is becoming more and more common to sit down and talk to someone about your problems but its still not completely understood. Mental illness is a real thing and should be taken just as seriously as any other disorder, deficiency, or illness. As time goes on we deal with more and more of the criticism of how to look, how to be, how to act but know that those people aren’t you and don’t know who you were born to be. Every single soul matters, as hard as it is to get away from remember that your past is not your future and you are here for a reason. If there is anything us young adults can do I think it is to support each other, lift each other up and help those whom we may not even know. Every single person at our age has gone through difficult times some more than others but they all count and instead of breaking each other down we should try the best we can to bring each other up. Making fun of someone bringing someone down does not make you any better of a person it actually makes you a lesser person than the one you are pointing at. Not a single one of us knows what happened to the person we pass on the highway when they were 12 years old or maybe that that girl riding her bike by your apartment lost her mom to cancer the week before or that the quiet guy at the coffee shop was bullied his entire childhood. We all are going through shit, and we all have to be each other’s heroes. If someone is having a bad day, make it better if someone is crying, dry his or her tears. Be that person you want to help your future children when you’re not around. We have the power to change the future generations and prove that we matter, we all matter you matter and don’t ever forget it.

If you know someone who is contemplating suicide or you yourself are please contact 1-800-273-8255.