Space, give it to yourself.

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote and I apologize for that. In my blog today I would like to talk about stepping away from life even when its not easy. The first step to understanding this is knowing when you have too much on your plate and being able to know when to take a step back.

Breathe, you can do it. 

For me, personally I have anxiety and when things become too much I start to breathe very heavily and my stress hits the fan. Breathing techniques is something that has actually helped me but also been a radar for when its all getting to be too much. So as teachers, colleagues and parents have all told us just breathe and give breathing techniques a try.


Giving yourself some time to go off the grid and reevaluate your goals is something that always helps me. Taking time for yourself is something we need that we tend to forget about the most. Even if it is sitting for five minutes a day doing nothing but being by yourself the peace and quiet is something everyone needs to keep themselves sane.

As your parents have said, join a hobby 

Many of us when we were young our parents made us try things that we were annoyed with or were irritated with but in the end more than likely you ended up liking it or just learning from it. That thing that you have been putting off, that weird thing you want to try, do it. There is no better time than today to go sign up for something that you don’t know could change your life or less dramatic, your perspective.

Religion or whatever your heart desires 

Every person has some difference of beliefs nowadays and although it is pretty cliche, I find prayer really soothing. Whether it be God, Allah, or SpongeBob talk to them, make a home inside the world you live in and a space of mind where you can find a way to calm yourself even when its hectic.

These are just some things I personally do when it comes to taking time for myself. You are the most important thing about your world and your health and happiness is the most important so make yourself happy and work on you even if its not convienent for everyone else. In your early 20’s it can be extremely difficult to find time in between work, social life, and alcohol but make that time so you can keep your mind healthy as can be!

Until next time,