Space, give it to yourself.

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote and I apologize for that. In my blog today I would like to talk about stepping away from life even when its not easy. The first step to understanding this is knowing when you have too much on your plate and being able to know when to take a step back.

Breathe, you can do it. 

For me, personally I have anxiety and when things become too much I start to breathe very heavily and my stress hits the fan. Breathing techniques is something that has actually helped me but also been a radar for when its all getting to be too much. So as teachers, colleagues and parents have all told us just breathe and give breathing techniques a try.


Giving yourself some time to go off the grid and reevaluate your goals is something that always helps me. Taking time for yourself is something we need that we tend to forget about the most. Even if it is sitting for five minutes a day doing nothing but being by yourself the peace and quiet is something everyone needs to keep themselves sane.

As your parents have said, join a hobby 

Many of us when we were young our parents made us try things that we were annoyed with or were irritated with but in the end more than likely you ended up liking it or just learning from it. That thing that you have been putting off, that weird thing you want to try, do it. There is no better time than today to go sign up for something that you don’t know could change your life or less dramatic, your perspective.

Religion or whatever your heart desires 

Every person has some difference of beliefs nowadays and although it is pretty cliche, I find prayer really soothing. Whether it be God, Allah, or SpongeBob talk to them, make a home inside the world you live in and a space of mind where you can find a way to calm yourself even when its hectic.

These are just some things I personally do when it comes to taking time for myself. You are the most important thing about your world and your health and happiness is the most important so make yourself happy and work on you even if its not convienent for everyone else. In your early 20’s it can be extremely difficult to find time in between work, social life, and alcohol but make that time so you can keep your mind healthy as can be!

Until next time,


Making your house a home, the beauty is in the attempt

As we get older and move out of our college dorms and into new apartments or homes making it a place of sanctuary and comfort can be difficult when mom isn’t there to make you a home cooked meal anymore. The biggest transition I’ve learned is learning that no one is going to do those dishes for you, no one is going to fix that toilet or no one is going to pay your bills, but you. It has taken lots of getting used to as a twenty something woman living on her own. I think the first place to start is decorating your house in the cheapest, chicest, and homey way possible.

I first and foremost put pictures in my house, it made me feel as though even though everyone is no longer here I have a part of them with me. I invested in a Fuji Film Polaroid in the past six months and it has truly made a life change. I now can have all those pictures on my fridge and it only takes a few seconds for them to develop. Another thing I have done to help my home is decorate it, how I want. Every year I use the same type of themes for the seasons but I make a vow to myself that I will keep enough money in my bank account to get a few new items each season to spice things up and keep them updated. Sometimes there are times where I have to get rid of a few things because they are out of style but the things that bring tradition around I always keep because it helps me feel at home. Another thing that has helped me is cooking as much as I can in my house. Cooking is something that makes you feel confident and excited for the end result the more you do it because the first few burnt chickens can make you lose hope. But don’t give up, there is so much fun you can have in the kitchen this is also where all your own traditions can begin. I try to incorporate some of the things that I grew up with in my schedule just to give me that feeling of home again. On Saturdays my mom used to always play Shania Twain and old country while she made breakfast so I try to do that a couple times a month and dance around the kitchen simply because I can.

The last things I find probably the most helpful is have people over and hosting parties. Show off the home that you have made for yourself and be proud of what you are doing whether it’s a shack on the side of the road or an awesome apartment in a downtown district, be proud of where you are making a name for yourself. We are all in the same boat and are just at the beginning of whom we are going to be so let your friends join in the madness with you! Themed parties are a great way to have that excuse, or maybe just a Saturday night. Between your new jobs and new lives everybody needs an excuse for a glass of wine. When throwing get togethers the thing to steer away from is the massive parties we used to have in college with random people, try to keep your parties to a minimum amount of people who you know will respect your belongings and your home. But make your themes as easy and affordable as possible so everyone can join in! I offer to throw birthdays and get togethers when no one else wants to because as long as you organize the cleanup before it gets out of hand then its not so bad! The best way to avoid it getting out of hand is by placing one trash can in its normal spot, another one by the gathering area where everyone drinks and plays games and one by the door, trust me its worth the twenty dollars! Growing up my group of friends always had a couple homes that we were always welcome to whatever the occasion and they became second homes to us, I absolutely loved that feeling and that’s what I want people to feel in my house, home. These are your homes and your lives make it as awesome as you want and as close to home as you can!